ATRANKA PASIBAIGUSI. Another ordinary job ad for a customer care agent / online sales rep, Kaunas

Ignas Dombrauskis
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Thanks for jumping over here! I know that nowadays scrolling facebook is much more entertaining than looking for a job. That’s life.


I assume you already know what’s needed for a good customer care agent? Yes, ability to listen & desire to communicate. That’s it. AND some sales skills. Or basic understanding of how sales work. So, we won’t look at your experience, sex or race. What matters here – precise listening (and hearing!) skills, and tongue-twisty communication.

Of course, If you speak English – cool, as it will be your main working language. If you sold stuff or services previously – it’s awesome, as it will be part of your job. But if not – it will come naturally by observing our experienced sales champs. Or with little “pressure” during trainings. We’ll see. But the desire in sales is what we’re looking for. And the know-how is what we’re offering. If you already have it – even better 🙂


Team of 70 people working in Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Finish, Polish, UK and DE markets will give you three things: know how, lots of clients who are interested in coffee and can’t stop chatting about it, and of course great friends in the office to chat over a cup of coffee about – you guessed it – coffee! Your “job part” will come down to figuring out the coffee lovers’ needs and recommending the best product for them, and a few administrative tasks – like making sure that product reaches them. Easy.

If this sounds kind of up your alley – drop me your CV & a note why we should choose you.

P.s. Drop your letter & CV in English at

P.s.2. Your office will be here with us in Kaunas. See ya!

Your future Coffee Mate Ignas